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Yahboyyah vs DeltaStorm | Shell Shockers

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Today I 1v1’d, Deltastorm, an insane player. GG’s!

Check out Deltastorm’s youtube channel!:

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#roadto5k #iamnub

Discord: yahboyyah#4073


  1. Someone needs to explain to me why the Pirates of the Caribbean's theme song was playing in the background.

  2. yahboyyah do you play better than Hazmatt? hhahahaha i joke you play good not joke real

  3. wtf man that thumbnail is next LEVEL!!! 😉😉

  4. yahboyayh is pog and delta but one question WHERE IS YOUR YT BADGE?

  5. Yaboyyah: "Gonna clap Delta"
    Delta: Calmly beats yaboyahh 10-2

  6. explain to me why the pirates of the caribbeans theme song is on this video

  7. Yahboyyah I have 2 questions:
    1.Where are you from?
    2.Do want to play with me only 1 time? If you want pls tell me when do you wanna to play?
    I love your videos🥰🥰
    I always watch your videos.

  8. Lmfao yah boy yah was like stop hacking and type hello at least but delta was just like oh ok it’s not like I’m even hacking

  9. Yaboyyah: "Gets first kill" This is gonna be EZ
    Delta: "Beats Yaboyyah 10-2" I'm sorry, what did you say?

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