World record fastest 10 streak in shell shockers! -

World record fastest 10 streak in shell shockers!

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WR 10 ks in shell shockers – 44:11 seconds

old record:

I want to try get a sub 30 gonna be hard but might be possible 😀


  1. sorry for the messed up screen fullscreen might help a little

  2. i got a faster streak the cameras just werent on

  3. Can u do a video giveaway where u edit a free tage?

  4. i got an 11 streak in 20 seconds once but I barely record :/

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  6. I will try to do the same thing but in 35 sec i will try

  7. wait… did he just… speedrun shell shockers???

  8. not world record u got 3 kils in 13 seconds

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