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Why I Do What I Do | Shell Shockers

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Track: Time To Talk & Avaya Ft. RYVM – Found You [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Track: Time To Talk – Time To Talk ft. George Michel [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. So I’m gonna comment a random comment cause idk what to comment on your vid but it’s a good vid so I will like and comment cause I like commenting sheeeesh I really do enjoy commenting.

  2. No way! Im In That Video! Im that vip Egg, Royal shockers, 7:21 absolutely destroyed 🙁

  3. I usually play passive if I'm under 75 Health. And avoid places with 2+ kids.

  4. You should do one of these with p90 and sniper BC those two guns play a lot different

  5. Thanks for the vid man, I enjoy this kind of videos alot

  6. This is not about death,but I have an old windows 7 which is very laggy and i have restriction to download any thing,pls tell me how I can low the lag

  7. Please play crackshot, I learn so much from you when you play crackshot

  8. Who else was struggling to read the title

  9. Hazmatt Tracking is so Good some aries think you should in shell league

  10. :Hazzmat take care of peps infrount of you :Me Noted thx haz

  11. why don't you put your name like hazmatt in the game instead you put random names??

  12. I was Swag in that video and I asked if I were hazmatt in chat lol

  13. Hazmatt- has 120 fps and 28 ping "I have'high latency'"
    Me who plays with 30 fps and 100 ping- nAnI

  14. have you ever gotten triple killed, like you got triple killed, not you made a triple kill? sry about grammar idk if it's right

  15. i have a question: does the buck skin or albino skin actually make your gun better or not?

  16. Bruh Royal Shockers was in the game?

  17. Hi l am cute/keila2 l can't play it block for me

  18. YO my man ur so close to 10k subs i have been waiting for months

  19. u sound like fe4rless look him up hazmatt

  20. I need some help in shell shockers I’m bad

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