Why do gun skins have to speak? | Shell Shockers Stream Highlights - leegamestore.com

Why do gun skins have to speak? | Shell Shockers Stream Highlights

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  1. Watching you makes me wish I was that good

  2. lmao sweats are everywhere in that lobby and if i had the money, i would legit buy that gun fr

  3. The AK version of that skin sounds beautiful. And I like that these sounds arent that loud so you can hear other enemies more easily.

  4. Every time i hear the special sounds my Brain just says: Kill Kill Kill the dude he is just flexing with his broken Piano that he calls gun.

  5. Nobody informed me u streamed, sad I missed the stream. NEXT TIME TELL ME!

  6. Hazmatt honestly this is better than kill streaks like you talking while playing and I’m not saying stop doing kill streaks keep doing them they’re cool but this is better I’m just saying to do more of these ya know talking while playing it would be awesome sorry if it’s too long to read 😂🤞

  7. Can we take a moment and talk about the fact that this man does three jobs studies college, works at five guys, and posts on YouTube ok this man is crazy 🤪 but I respect it 😉

  8. I LOVE Five guys BOOGERS and FLYS… JK I love five guys 😀

  9. Lowkeyy wanted to run into you today, lol love the competition yannoe. Hate playing bot players

  10. What editing software do you use haz?

  11. Hazmatt, you are really good at shell shockers. Nice vid as always. Seeing you talking in your videos and showing us your train of thought is always interesting and entertaining.
    If you ever don't know what video to do, heres a video idea. You could make a video about ranking the shell shockers maps like graysocean did.
    Just an idea if you're ever out of ideas! Have a good day and congrats on the job!

  12. The only sound skin that I use is the rpegg. I don’t really like the others bc they are kinda loud and it sometimes messes me up.

  13. when you haven't uploaded videos for a long time I forget how pro you are

  14. Plz do a chalenge where u always have 1 hp or can get 1 shoted

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