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who are these new pub kids lol | Shell Shockers 1v1s

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just get off me smh


  1. I can beat Lucipoo, ive seen most his gameplay and i finally am confident that I can beat lucipoo, hes not the unbeatable trust.

  2. please 1v1 someone like slimy or gibby and post it

  3. Shell kids now days hurts more 2019 2020 shell will always be the goated times

  4. i've 1v1 ski before winning 10-6(kinda embarrassing for me tbh). but he easily gives in after seeing superior skill, reckon he would have done better(because his game play in this video is unbelievable if he 1v1ed him firstthat's the same with the majority of players1v1 me plzzzzzz

  5. On wasserklebers yt channel he rekt luci poo and licipoo is a noob I’m SDA Evident P

  6. Luci there are better players than u. Peek, swi, darklord, slimy, yoyo, soy. Even gibby and nova

  7. “bro thinks he’s a celebrity 💀” what is he on about 😂

  8. man this new gen of shell players is so crap lmao
    they also absolutely ruined the crackshot… we are moving out of an era bois o7
    ggs luci, I was here since 400 subs and its cool to see you today

  9. This haze guy is making me look bad – I'd never lose that.

  10. smh bros unbeatable best player in new zealand fr fr

  11. No one in this world will ever beat the G.O.A.T

  12. Bloom= not skills, Nice lucipoo u are not a bloomer 🎉

  13. the situation in this game is very sad, you hit a nice shot and the damage doesn't count

  14. Bruh this kid don’t know the rules, rule #1 lucipoo never lose

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