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What is the WORST gun in SHELL SHOCKERS?

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This is a long debated topic

Clips folder comes out at 100 sub montage 😉


  1. All are you if you use them right. Just depends on playstyle

  2. I say the rpegg is the worst and 2nd is the free ranger

  3. rpegg is a very good weapon and is almost required in most ranked scrims. The large mag size on the free ranger give you a sense of security, but in reality it puts u at a disadvantage.

  4. Free ranger can one shot soo free ranger vs crackshot

  5. I made a video some months back explaining why free ranger is literally the best weapon. Thats all the proof you need right there

  6. Have you ever seen someone good with ma pistol. I've done pistol only rounds and got 25 ks and with the free ranger maybe a15 ks. Pistol is amazing if used correctly and I vote free ranger because it's like a mix between the tri hard.and the crackshot but good as neither

  7. you sptupt shell sheockers what you wurst

  8. True tho but I use pistol sometimes when my enemy is very low on health xd

  9. I think every weapon is really good if you know how to use them

  10. For me, it's Aug I am terrible with it

  11. wrong, pistol is good and can kill very quickly with extrmemly high cps if you play minecraft 1.8, also you need very high accuracy.

  12. so once my enemy was low on health (prob like 10-20) and i switched to my pistol because my sniper needs to reload and 15 ammos didnt even kill him

  13. But switching is faster than reloading

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