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Weapon Switch Challenge! | Shell Shockers

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  1. how do you get your gun reload so fast? i mean seconds ago there was 0/0 and in 3 seconds 0/24. lol

  2. It’s like just not the one of it cuz 12 years I played I beat pros gods masters And noobs it’s like killing shells

  3. you should have been not using that shoutgun hazmat

  4. i dont eat brown eggs i dont eat white eggs but i do eat shell shockers eggs

  5. Like your videos, I guess i can learn from it to be better at the game

  6. please can i play you one day during this book

  7. I identify as breakfast food now…


  8. Verse polirized moon in shell shockers.
    Did I spell polirized right?

  9. hi man what is yoursetting and sorry for asking out of the blue

  10. lol "KD" u mean "KDR" kill death ratio.

  11. Hazmatt my friend told me about this game and I didn’t know you, but then I started watching your videos so yea keep up the good work.

  12. if i find u i might kl u man but is u kl me i us free ranger

  13. Nice lol if a amazing plz if u. Can help me get the snake sniper and the snake pistol

  14. Hey Haz what app for recording and editing do you use I am really interested to your videos so I want to try it out and post it on YouTube

  15. Dear hazmatt
    i'm in my moms phone and im getting in trouble for watching ur vids i will try my best to watch ur vids.

  16. I am dressing and acting like you and doing the chalenge a lot of fun

  17. Hi Hazmatt can you play with me personaly with grayocean because i am also VIP

  18. hola ey una pregunta si uno compra armas cars mejora el daño en shell shockers

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