Vital's Legacy | Shell Shockers Montage -

Vital’s Legacy | Shell Shockers Montage

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NaCl Vital’s Montage – You do what you have to do to make sure you’re still around after you’re gone.”

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  1. and it looks like you arent even trying
    this is fire i love the over movement

  2. i see you with the 360s you are a god lol

  3. yo did you know you actually a god at editing to lol

  4. Alternative Title: Why people don't like joining games with me in it

  5. I'm having 2nd thoughts about if the aries montage is the best one

  6. love this montage
    also pin this comment

  7. these flicks are crazy bro. man u just earned a subb

  8. but…i got 1 question….dont take me wrong but… many recordings u took to get these montage video….its rare to get these just curious…

  9. hmmm vital….maybe u should like ummm make a vid from when u were a noob—–god (from starting as a noob to a god in shell shock) and maybe use the music—-legends never die

  10. Bro Vital can u make a playlist? All ur songs are FIRE 🔥

  11. People who believe he uses bloom hax because of the snaps towards the player

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