VIP PASS IS OUT! | Shell Shockers -

VIP PASS IS OUT! | Shell Shockers

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  1. The Golden Wings disappear when you do not have the VIP Pass active. I hope this helps any of you that had this question!

  2. but i do not spend $ on games so 🙁 for me

  3. LOL Haz was too lazy to wait for Sharkbucks to make him a thumbnail :DDDDD. Nice vid!

  4. What a cool update from shell is pretty awsome 😀

  5. asu mare yo tambien tengo el base de shell shockers y hazmatt soy de españa entendes mi lengua
    no hablo ingles

  6. My first thought, dam nice skins. Also I play a lot but not in the mood to spend 50 bucks right away I’ll probably get the 15$ one but what’s ur perspective on it? I’m probably just goin to get the 1 month to try it out and go from there

  7. hazz what baout the golden glases doesit dessapir

  8. so i basicly but the 3month one so your saying that 3month later the vip passe and my golden wings are over

  9. Anyone watching this video when they already know they can't afford to buy this sht 🙁

  10. btw can anyone tell me how to get the jason mask in shell shockers?

  11. I bout in but i cant manage it and i only got the skins HELP

  12. Your discord please hazzmat im your great fun please

  13. I just killed you on shell shockers! you are no longer Superior

  14. i feel bad there was a hazzmat that said its u so
    i can't wait for 2 weeks to go past!

  15. Hazmatt what's your shell shockers VIP account? If you pass me I subscribe to your channel I await your response bayyyyyyy BRO

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