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There are some new updates to the game that
I have to cover, they are pretty fun updates, because
they add a new layer of strategy to the game

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  1. you prob should have used the premium free ranger in this vid

  2. Whenever I get the damage bonus, it always runs out quickly because by the time I get a 10x streak, I’ve killed out most of the other team and there isn’t anybody else to kill lol

  3. whats everyones highest amount of kills with dmg boost, mine is 8

  4. Wow your great make more too i ll go sub u ^_^

  5. I watching this on a road trip!🤣😂

  6. how do u never get in a lobby with SL players😂btw ur stars r crazy good

  7. That glitch once happened to me I was snipi with a P90 lmao

  8. for a second i thought the pistol got upgraded lol

  9. RIP old Shell Shockers map looks.
    Tbh the new designs look nice imo

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