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This has to be my rarest code!

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  1. I wonder if l2cas is trash? Say yes if you think.

  2. Damn breh, i think i know how u did this. Took the steampunk p90, then make the p90 part of the recording transparent, and added another recording of some galaxy underneath that, causing this effect.

  3. You can tell it’s either masked out or you greens screened it pretty easily bcuz the stars
    Aren’t moving with the p90 but nice idea it looks cool wiz should get some ideas

  4. Uh BWD…I hope you're watching this video

  5. Steampunk p90, after recording u greeanscreen it and boom. DarkTruth#0107

  6. I can tell its not an overlay because in some parts of the dirt map the green screen would mess up (bcs the steampunk gun is brown) so I'm guessing it's the steampunk skin but then you got one of those Shell Mods from greasy fork.

  7. The new update is coming out today! Can’t wait to see people kotc stats.

  8. I think I know how.. First BWD did a collab with Samsung then make a special code for galaxy users!!

  9. If you guys can see its the clock p90 Becuase it has the rotors at the back

  10. I doubt anyone's gonna guess but anyways nice editing, it looks cool 👍🏽

  11. You took the Steam Punk p90 then put some sort of effect/ green screen over it of the galaxy.
    There also is a possibility that this was leaked
    Real swi posted this same p90 skin in owl stream and it downloaded on my computer
    Hope this is right 😀 or at least close

  12. The galaxy skin is a theme isn't it?

  13. you put the steampunk over a galaxy gif and took the gameplay and added it on to it.

  14. its a respray it has the model of the steam punk p90 @gibby

  15. Wait at 1:58 the shield turns too, so now idk if my masking/motion tracking theory was right 😅

  16. Inspect element the steampunk skin- make it a solid color in some video editing program. and then mask it with gallegsy?

  17. Steampunk p90 ("brown screen") cuz the shape, using an editing software

  18. It's fake right so u got a cool gif and when u were editing u added it to the p90

  19. Hey GIBBY can you please tell me your setup like pc monitor keyboard mouse etc I am comparing setups between the goats of shocks pls dm var1ant#2336

  20. steampunk that basically a color coded thing like a greenscreen where you change that color to galaxy

  21. It's fake it's the stem punk p 90 look at the point and the star in the side it's edited

  22. @Gibby i think u used the steampunk skin with eddit or u used a chrome web extention or capcut to get the effect

  23. Galaxy p90 is FAKE I know the layout of that p90 ITS THE GEAR P90 EXPOSED Gibby

  24. After a deep analysis. I have concluded that you are such a p90 pro bwd added a special rare skin to the game just for you! Nice Job Gibby!

    Ok but fr. Did you rotoscope the steampunk p90 in AE and then overlay it with a galaxy effect?

  25. It’s the steampunk, he just edited the stars I’m pre sure

  26. they should actually release this and make it one of the rarest skins, because it is only in the store for a day or two

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