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Uneggspected Kills In Shell Shockers (part 7)

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Hey! Sorry for saying part 8 in the video (twas a small mistake)
Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Thanks to everyone who gave clips to make this video possible!

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  1. Make sure to listen with headphones because the song is my favourite part 😂


  3. 3:55 was my fav part (totally not because it was my kill 😉 ) good vid as always! lets see how far the series will go

  4. bruh, in the title it says part 7 but in the vid you saying it's part 8. like bruh

  5. Everyone gangsta till he hit that mid nade

  6. everybody gangsta till MareeBerry literally submits enough clips to steal an entire compilation

  7. oops part 8 you said 0:06 its ''part 7'' pin this so people can know xd

  8. hello what's the name of the theme of death 2

  9. All my clips were my favourite. Awesome Content👍

  10. You join a game with him and just try to get mid aired so you can be in a yt video.

  11. Again u got many unexpected kill already

  12. if i beat you in a 1v1 can i have your yt channel

  13. I wish i was as pro as you yahhboyyah you are the best at shell shockers

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