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Uneggspected Kills In Shell Shockers (part 6)

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Hey there!
Hope you enjoyed part 6!

Thanks for the clips:
Hanzi: shorturl.at/ryDJZ
Vital: shorturl.at/ajB09
Pancake Devil: shorturl.at/cnCT8
Icicle: shorturl.at/gpxS0
Ghost: shorturl.at/ntyTZ

Make sure to comment your favourite kill!


  1. In number 5 that nade wasn't unexpected because why else would you throw a random nade? The other ones where very unexpected though good job

  2. Ahh cmon where was that clip where I hit the wall and 360d that guy D:

  3. How can i send u some of my clips to be in a vid

  4. awww i wasnt in it i thought u said i would be?

  5. You actually put that shot through the tree in there lol. Thanks

  6. I'm in for the last 5 parts of the unexpected series!!

  7. Wow u got many unexpected kill video already

  8. How can u get the premium rpg and the gernade

  9. I had so many unexpected kills today with nades

  10. sir i am having a problem in getting a item from new yorker today is first I didn't not get anything I subscribed also what to o plss tell

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