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Uneggspected Kills In Shell Shockers (part 5)

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Hey there!
Hope you enjoyed part 5!

Thanks for the clips:
Hanzi: shorturl.at/ryDJZ
zGamer01: shorturl.at/ozY24
Nobody_YT: shorturl.at/inAC0
Ali Gamer_YT: shorturl.at/huS12
Vital: shorturl.at/ajB09

Make sure to comment your favourite kill!
I will not be uploading for a week since it’s my holidays.

Congrats to the winners of the pink muffs!


  1. 3:31 and 4:01 :))
    This guy, is sooooo good, like OMG, he totally didn't get lucky, it's just skill (of course it is, this guy is soo good like best player on earth)
    Ty for features Yahboyyah 😉

  2. How do you get the yabboyahh zoom pls make a vid about it

  3. Hi …. thank you for commenting in my channel thank you so much

  4. after the devs fixed the weird hit box im pretty sure a lot of you will miss shots after the fix

  5. Hello I'm hopetobebigontwitch which was a joke name

  6. If shell shockers was a bigger game in the world you would easily have millions of subs which u definitely deserve

  7. Hi I have a really unexpectedly clip how can I send it to u for a vid

  8. next giveaway let it me be
    my big wish

  9. loved it superb u are sooooooooooooooooo pro

  10. Ok, just one thing guys, the first clip is me but the email tab (at the top) isnt my name lmao
    its close, but not
    just wanted to say that XD

  11. I love how at the 1st winner they just dipped on my comment


  13. Nice to see myself being featured for the past few vids:D

  14. only 2 were really unexpected the last two the way the person moved the scope made it readjust so its shoots different

  15. Whom am i kidding i will never win ay giveaway

  16. how do i enter the giveaway?
    YOUR MOM (not your mom tho lol) is in the vid LOL

  17. is it just me or is 2 always the best one?

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