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Uneggspected Kills In Shell Shockers (part 3)

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Hey! Hope you enjoyed part 3.
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Credit to all people who gave clips:
Ali Gamer: shorturl.at/pxyEU
Conductor: shorturl.at/pAJUX
Infinite Smasher: shorturl.at/krCOY
Hadez: shorturl.at/asvP7
Vital: shorturl.at/jILT6

Discord: yahboyyah#7904
Thumbnail: infinite smasher


  1. Nice vid! Welp make other content than this? Just for feedback 😀

  2. What ruins BB8's clip is seeing AJ on his team.

  3. eeee im aries stormy in classy's clip check the leaderboard 😉

  4. no surprise that bwd doesn't comment cuz the cant fix blanks smh

  5. nades r so bouncy. im thinking of something else bouncy

  6. I knew Clip 5 was infinite smasher because If you watch greysoceans stream you would know that he uses that them and it was made my infinite smasher but its not graysocean cause he never use the snake guns and its not a public theme.

  7. OK buddy.The one nobod killed in first clip is me….

  8. Yahboyy you know any vip acc had means pls give me

  9. why you nama have youtube logo

  10. yahboyyah yesturday we meet at catocombs do you remmember my name is [epic]miracle

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