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Uneggspected Kills In Shell Shockers (part 16)

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Hey there: here is my 16th episode of unEGGspected kills in shell shockers!
Hope you enjoyed the kills – Thanks for all the support ❤️
Comment your favourite 🙂

Thumbnail: yahboyyah#1234
Thanks to everyone who provided the clips 😀

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  1. I love the rpegg kill in the last cuz that was a prefire lol. Roshan#2142 my dc if I win the buck🙂

  2. Bad:im from brazil,im not speak inglish 😭

  3. Nice Vid Yahboyyah 😎😎
    Clip 9 was lmao 😂 my fav

  4. The last kill I very like it hope u can get 5000 subs this year have a good day hope I win.

  5. First deathz's clip was nade kill i saw it in shell ranked

  6. yo yahboyyah the last clip you already used it

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