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Uneggspected Kills In Shell Shockers (part 14)

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Hey there: here is my 14th episode of unEGGspected kills in shell shockers!
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Thanks to Dripzz for the music:

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  1. hey dude, its non.binary.bi.boi here from shell shockers, i saw you in TWO SERVERS!!

  2. nice!! Another series! I love this series❤️

  3. If u get killed by an RPG this vid ends pt2

  4. Hey yahboyyah today i played shell shockers and in ffa and so a person with youtube sign so I clicked on it and so yahboyyah my name in game was Robber if you know you are pro and my level love the uneggspected kills series love it thx subscribed to your channel commented and going to like and turn notfications

  5. Nice vids btw keep it going im SwanIsSwan from discord this is a alt account… aka ItzWilda on youtube

  6. Yahboyyah I think unexpected are enough… try something else!!!! Like nade or smth

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