Trolling A Fake Yahboyyah In Shell Shockers! -

Trolling A Fake Yahboyyah In Shell Shockers!

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  1. Tip, don’t put all caps in your name if you want to impersonate.

  2. bruh. that guy send his name discord but is isn't work yet

  3. Can't they see the YouTube Badge on your name?Doesn t that prove you're the real Yahboyyah

  4. gente que gana granada shell shockers

  5. someone fake me two and he spell Pumpkin Egg Goo! wrong, HE SPELL Pumkin Egg Go! haha and he say he's real. so S**T HAHA

  6. yo that idiot who though he was the real one XD

  7. idek HOW but i got faked the other day too
    like wtf he had the weird letters and everything
    bro u gotta teach me how to zoom in on recordings ._.

  8. This is gonna inspire more people to be fakers LOL

  9. when i found you in a public lobbies that link to your yt

  10. lmfao, i wonder who the fake kid was… is he watching this vid rn? LMAO hahahaha

  11. Imagine stealing someone's name lmao 🤨😐

  12. I do not think that anyone would think that the fake is real

  13. That another YAHBOYAH is not the real you are the real

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