They All Thought I was Hacking (INSANE 71 Kill Streak | Shell Shockers) -

They All Thought I was Hacking (INSANE 71 Kill Streak | Shell Shockers)

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I got this streak on September ‎22, ‎2023



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  1. yall didnt even watch the full fuckin vid and yall r alr saying good vid smh

  2. omfg i remember u absolutely doggin on me …
    thats me btw lmao (YTM Ion)
    bruh the chat lmao

  3. GLAZING gibby5 in game chat is WILD


  4. Nice streak Gibby!!! :DDDD the chat was so negative… if only they knew what aimbot was ;-;

  5. Sheesh, insane streak 🔥, pls continue ur editing evolution from where u stopped off from to now please. And why don't u a pply for cc? And gibs how do u have the old cross hair?

  6. great video until you played the cringey tiktok song; lovely bastards. 😂

  7. finally a new vid from the best player himself

  8. Nicely edited killstreak bro! NEED MONTAGE PLSSSS!!

  9. I feel sad for you bro after reading the chats in the video…. They thought you were hack player . btw love your videos .❤❤🔥🔥🥶🥶👍👍

  10. Insane! 🥳🔥
    That chat had a bounty on u :/
    nice streak 🙂

  11. This makes me realise how bad at shell I am

  12. gotta love how smooth and clean gibbys game play is, i'd love too see more ranked content like 3v3 and 5v5 hightlights. But if u have quit comp then ill just be happy with some trickshots.

  13. players couldnt believe that u werent using aimbot. this is the smoothest gameplay i have ever seen

  14. huh insanely clean streak! i love your gameplay 😢 also da kid calls you an aimbotter 😢😢 just keep it up gibby❤

  15. Chat: He’s hacking report him ☝️
    Gibby: :insert-sigma-face


  17. after u get above 20 u just dont do dmg for some reason but like u got insane gamesense so u were able to get more than that

  18. The chat in your game is the reason why vote kicking would never work in shell, too many hackusaters

  19. Imagine the streak ended from a mod banning you 💀

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