TheViking Shell Shockers Theme + Giveaway and Hectic Killstreak! -

TheViking Shell Shockers Theme + Giveaway and Hectic Killstreak!

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Stressed Stamp Giveaway!
Steps to enter:
1. Subscribe to this channel
2. Follow Stormii Cloud on Twitch:
3. Join my discord server and claim the Subscriber role:
4. Join the giveaway in #giveaway


  1. Following them, i'm joining the server Yaboi_YaanL#9145 Love ur vids

  2. is it just me or is the viking like hella good now

  3. Love the scope in effect in the theme viking! Great Vid!

  4. I’ve been following stormii for awhile
    Great vid Viking!

  5. Yayyy it’s finally out yayyyuyyyu btw I have 73k kills lol and my deaths are lower than yours

  6. Bro lit af. I like the hella fire scope, with two logs and a viking helmet.

  7. Nice theme followed stormi long time ago and subscibed to u

  8. I was actually in this game. I was crying dinosaur. I'll be your 1 thousandth subscriber.

  9. The background on the theme is insane! Great video!!

  10. Woah nice theme hope i win gw and congo for 1k subs

  11. Omg Viking have now 1.01k subscribers boi less gooo!

  12. Wooo can’t wait to use it!!! I remember the first time I played with you and I saw your YouTube button and i clicked and subed

  13. loved the theme and scope awseomthis is the best theme ever sawen lovee u

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