the WORST 1v1 opponent in Shell Shockers -

the WORST 1v1 opponent in Shell Shockers

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  1. I hate try hards in this game so im doing my best not to look like one

  2. I don’t understand any of these can someone explain them to me?

  3. The last one is actually a SL guy in thier alt, or a hacker 💀

  4. The first one is more scary then other people

  5. Hey gray, ive been wondering how to get the guitar crackshot. I havent found any videos showing how to obtain it. Do you happen to know?

  6. honestly im terrified of allof them

  7. 0:01 Did anyone notice thats a Flame Shotty which is a little bit rare?

  8. Still pretty cool although I quit shell shockers in 2020

  9. how to get that skull mask graysocean?

  10. sweaty skin combos just look dangerous

  11. the egg with no skin but like an albino or snake crackshot is a real pro

  12. 0:39 Lol no cap, Noobs with whippers should known as a clan, Whipper noobs are GODS

  13. noobs with free rangers, you have no chance

  14. This is so funny 😂, and nice skin combo's 😀

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