THE TWO HEADED SNAKE - Shell Shockers -


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Time to get another of the snake skins,
this time, the shotgun, which is another
weapon I’m not that great with.

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  1. ur main is freeranger?
    i main it too

  2. moon i thought i was terrible with the free ranger then i got a 20 kill streak 😀

  3. Moon how do you get 100k eggs like in a few days, do you pay for it or something?

  4. Hi moon, I'm Mega Char from yur discord, love your videos.

  5. Omg Moon, how are u getting so many eggs so fast?? I’m been saving till feb start and I still have 40k eggs.

  6. Hống sao thây phim hay quen lai không duoc Nguyễn says:

    Hello Moon, Im from việt Nam

  7. I love your videos I’ve been trying to get the 10000 gun

  8. Moon why do u always disable ur chat. Is it because there might be some inappropriate chats in it?

  9. Hi moon I have watched a lot of your videos and I love them:)

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