The RAREST stamp in Shell Shockers.... -

The RAREST stamp in Shell Shockers….

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Thanks to Nitrogen for letting me show off this stamp


  1. you gave your account to super killer

  2. The chat at the start: How do you use nades?Crtl w

  3. Nice video! How do you get that nerdy stamp?

  4. what video editor and screen recorder do you use? also how long have you played this game for shell shockers

  5. Wow… just like haz you have to skin hack… what is it with content creators these days

  6. nitro best player in oce then again jet gave arthus the na stamp when he won eu

  7. That stamp is INSANE!!! Nicevid, and is it the rarest in the game rn?

  8. the rarest player with the rarest stamp, ye it makes sense

  9. BRAH aint that the account u were trading for 3 melon hats? Can i still have it plz i got 3 melon hats to trade plz

  10. Explain. How did Nitrogen get it. He is not season MVP for this season. He never has MVPed.

  11. ye nitrogen best player in OCE. I was in the top 8 and forfeited like everyone else did in the beginning lmao. I was close

  12. I Midaired the best player in oce with rpg. Am Happy new achievement unlocked.

  13. Why did u not apply for yt badge also banger

  14. cracked indian 60 fps gamer moment

    and plus who still plays the egg game smh…

  15. wait so nitro was selling tht acc did u actually buy it it for 9.99$?

  16. When you get another do a giveaway 🥺

  17. i wish you upgraded w, you're still good though

  18. me: omg all the bucks
    swi: Waiting for the buck aug
    also swi: gets the rarest stamp in game

  19. Oh also DM me if you are interested in Renting out the account in the video

  20. Wow I thought the Aries stamp was the rarest 😎

  21. What server do u play on? I need to find u in a game

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