THE NEW WEAPON - Shell Shockers -

THE NEW WEAPON – Shell Shockers

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A new weapon has been added along with a
few other updates, so we are going to take a
look and see how it stacks up to the others.

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  1. Yeah pleas play with meTommorrow

  2. BTW there is a cool scope on the AUG @PolarizedMoon

  3. Hey moon, Can you give me some about the pistol. I am very bad at it

  4. That gun was there since last week, but it's good that we see it in a video of yours XD.

  5. He is really bad bc like he has been playing for years ,but he still just as bad

  6. it week and why is there a egg behind your name

  7. I just played this gun in free for all on the space map, and it was a good weapon for that instance. Idk other than that i really sucked at it but i got a 22 streak

  8. hey moon u should check out the new 75k grenade skin

  9. Dude just go start posting shell shockers u get more viwes ;-;

  10. Dude just go start posting shell shockers u get more viwes ;-;

  11. Thanks as always for the video Moon! Loved it!

  12. Nice new gun but find it frustrating that you can’t hold down the mouse and will keep firing I have died many times cus I hold it down and don’t continue to click it

  13. Hi Moon. As someone that looks at the game in a tactical and close quarters combat sense, I don't really see a use for the gun as much because of the 24 round mag instead of 30 as well as the long delay between bursts. I get that it has some punching power, but not enough to counteract the disavantages of running it.

  14. Hey moon u wanna 1v1 next time u make a video?

  15. Hi, could i ask how much eggs you have and what FPS you have? It looks like 144, but also 60 or 75

  16. Trihard needs to be buffed or removed, not my favorite gun.

  17. i like it i upgraded it for 5000 eggs anyway nicee

  18. weird how i feel like nobody ever uses the ads

  19. For a weak gun like the trihard you did well

  20. Well your KDR is gr8! PLG Proffeser Jax has 4.2 KDR but you have 7.31! That’s kinda epic!

  21. Your so nice with not spawn killing, I show no mercy

  22. Imagine using the tri-hard for 1 month of your vip

  23. Ima try using the tri-hard for 1 day or a few hours of my vip when I get vip

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