The Most Wanted | A Shell Shockers Montage -

The Most Wanted | A Shell Shockers Montage

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Thanks to F4DE for the thumbnail… here’s a warm-up to the Vital Montage, I hope you enjoyed like if you liked it or dislike if you disliked it but make sure to subscribe.

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  1. This is so smooth that it made my 60hz monitor a 144 hz one-

  2. You killed ALL OF MY FRIENDS IN THIS VID and me too 0:20 GG also this is fire no capp

  3. Its been 6-7 months u haven't done a montage. I missed it. I have been a big fan of u for months. And now the legend is back making legendary montages. Clapz#9603 dm if u want 🙂

  4. nice song, nice edits and nice shots… perfect

  5. If u disliked make sure to sub lmao no one disliked

  6. Can I ask how you get 15 ping ?????

  7. How u have the yt but u don't have 1k ?????

  8. Insane Montage! This montage feels like it was made from kills that are from aries, but better!

  9. The most fire montage posted on your channel… You should add better overlay 😉

  10. its me….im we are venom …..hi

  11. Which editor do you use (please tell me it's free

  12. Do u use high res for your clips? Also what zoom do you use on the site

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