The MOST AESTHETIC Theme In Shell Shockers -

The MOST AESTHETIC Theme In Shell Shockers

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pls everybodey sub to myro, its his theme
btw if u want to install the theme ask him


  1. i hope u like it :)btw all this clips were rec'd in 2 days, i have a bunch more of clips wit hthis theme IF WE REACH 70 LIKES ILL MAKE PART 2

  2. Yo traffic have you got the full clip from 0:53 ? Someone is talking about me in the chat, i would like to see whats that about

  3. bruh noice geme the time i subed myro 2 month ago bro i like it

  4. Oh yeah, what motion blur do you use? Looks super clean!

  5. nice vid bro. Keep midwifing Blackamn (now Havoc) s he can feel the pain I felt 🤣🤣. nice motion blur btw

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