The **HARDEST** Shell Shockers Challenge EVER -

The **HARDEST** Shell Shockers Challenge EVER

Yaboi Jenkins
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This was a very difficult challenge for whatever reason lol
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  1. may u uplaod a vid of teaching photo shop?

  2. Amazing Im a little late but poggers video 😀

  3. This video was amazing 😂 you had me dead with those memes a true meme king 👑

  4. 7:30 You made the wrong thumbnail, it was the no crosshair one, not a no scope one. Might use that in my videos (:

  5. Watched this a while ago but just want to say that this is really good bruh, like
    Great editing great memes, everything works together,

  6. Very cool video, man. Limey approves

  7. He should have used the graysocean theme bruh

  8. i forgot how toxic most shell players are

  9. how do you get those files of graysocean 3d on blender?

  10. How did you import an egg into Blender that has a stamp on it?

  11. Greetings those of the comment section, I hope you have a nice day 👍🏽

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