The FLAME CRACKSHOT🔥 in Shell Shockers (Rarest) -

The FLAME CRACKSHOT🔥 in Shell Shockers (Rarest)

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After 2 years of playing shell shockers, I’ve finally obtained one of the rarest gun skins in the game.

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  1. I saw you in a game nice 36 kills back there

  2. bruh iam also 1 and half year on shell but still crying for items but but buckp90 but no use for meee nvm cool vid

  3. Not too often I come around a video that I watch the whole thing. I did just that. Great Work Clingzter!

  4. Great gameplay and good editing. Congrats on the Flame Crackshot!

  5. you really should check your comments dude
    Btw nice video!

  6. سلام عليكم أريد كود لي من فضلك أو إشحن لي بshell shokars

  7. Sick video! I actually watched it and didn't skip any part of it! Have a great day like always <3

  8. Motion blurred gameplayyyyy…Big congrats on the Flame cs clingy 😀

  9. Nice video because pro player is playing. 😉

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