The Evolution of Shell Shockers! 2018, 2020, 2022! -

The Evolution of Shell Shockers! 2018, 2020, 2022!

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Special credits to the following people for supplying me with some of the clips used in this video:
Jugo De Pollo E-Sports

Don’t look-

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  1. i remember the minecraft blocks that you could put

  2. I wish the old times come back…

  3. They added melee weapons in 2022!! Pretty cool bro! OG days man I miss them tho.. I joined in October 2020 and became cc in December 2020 😭 😭 We all got older and became bigger on our channels! So as shell shockers!

  4. It's awesome to see a game change so much and you hardly notice 😃

  5. I Remember Like It Was Yesterday When The Graphics Were So UGLY Good Times

  6. You missed one update it was when 2019 skins came out.

  7. Nice just steal other peoples gameplay that works

  8. I mean I liked it when the shooting sounds were like real life.

  9. The old shellahockers was so much more fun it felt smooth and kills we're fast

  10. My name is in ur pfp! You can see where I got it from 🙂

  11. hey kilzomatic its mytix ( that guy who invited you in to 1gl)

  12. How come in the past in 2017-2018 literally nobody jumped at all

  13. I used to play dis game untill 2019 cuz ther were many ads dat glitched and I couldn't exit out. I started to play dis game in october 2018 cuz my friend recommended me. i was 10 I made many friends in dis game. Brings back the nostalgia

  14. 0:46 u know that thing on the left bottom side what screen recorder is that??

  15. lmao did swi let u use the old clips

  16. shell shockers is the only io game that doesn't go backward

  17. I remember playing this game back in 2016 – 2017 with my dad… back when the maps were just grey and there were 3 guns lol

  18. I remember playing this game back in 1776 😉

  19. I MUST say the OLd shell shockers RPEGG is cool

  20. im here in the future and everything look so good

  21. whos watching in 2022 when u know everything

  22. I love the old one so much better. The default skins and how balanced the guns were is better. The game is a little bad now. By any chance is there a website I can play the old shell shockers

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