THE DRAGON - Shell Shockers -

THE DRAGON – Shell Shockers

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There was a ton of new cosmetic
items released, so I guess I need to
buy them all now, here we go.

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  1. PolarizedMoon: I'm terribleMe: So… what does that make me?…

  2. Can you plz subscribe to my youtube channel please!!!!!

  3. I love ur videos and i was wondering if u can put the codes

  4. I was gonna make a FIRE dragon pun, but then I forgot it

  5. Dude… I was Someone (If you look at the leaderboard it says someone) i was playing with you

  6. I used to be horible at the game but then i used the sniper and didn't use the scope and i became alot better

  7. Man, I really like your videos, keep the videos

  8. In shell shockers, I've got 532 kills and my surname is dark vador with two skulls

  9. Shell shocker is the best I love it ❤️😢 I miss it I will play

  10. Question : why do you keep your chat off?

  11. What is egg do you have like what skin do you wear

  12. hey when is your next live i really want to play with u

  13. Oml i was playing with you like 5 mins Ago you said that u where a youtuber so i just searched you up andddd yeah

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