THE DEMON - Shell Shockers -

THE DEMON – Shell Shockers

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I didn’t manage to get a game on the new
Halloween themed map, but I am dressed
up in something thematic so there’s that at least.

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  1. Soo many texture and game fix came in the game since this vid dropped, but its always good to watch back your videos Moon

  2. also i have a video idea if u get all the music skins u can do music mashup get a 20 streak with every music gun

  3. can some one tell me what that boost dose when u get 10 kills?

  4. plz make more vids like this even if there arent any new items or stuff just make a gameplay i love your vids moon pretty plz make more

  5. Moon upload? MOON UPLOAD? Nice vid. I have the tuh, badoosh and untz. Nice vid

  6. Dude u have 7.01 kdr? How!? I’m literally struggling to get a 1.5kdr 🙁

  7. hmm i wonder what is moons fps and ping, we'll never no

  8. Has anyone ever wondered what fps Moon plays LOL

  9. Why cant you put your face on the bottom left so you dont have to turn off chat?

  10. Putting the fear into those Eggs! Thanks for the video Moon!

  11. I thought u used the buck free ranger instead of the flame one…

  12. Awesome gameplay i am also a pro at this game
    And if you want to get halo go to microsoft store and search halo
    But its also on steam

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