The *CRYSTAL FREE RANGER* is OP! | 50 Killstreak | Shell Shockers -

The *CRYSTAL FREE RANGER* is OP! | 50 Killstreak | Shell Shockers

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This was a rare occasion since im very bad at the free ranger. #roadto5k


  1. Crystal might be but your not 😛 🙂 😉

  2. How they always get perfect ks its always like 30 or 50 never like 43

  3. which stream is this one from? i dont spend much time watching streams xD

  4. You literally copyed kozmatic xd

  5. I couldn’t get Wiz’s drop because he streamed at 2 am for me lol. Sad times.

  6. Teach me how to find these noob lobbies 🙏 😂

  7. Did a good job copying kilzo, that's for sure..

  8. Bruh I need to find these lobbies, i can't get over a 29 streak lol😂🤣😂

  9. Nice video subscribed to klombogamingtv and I like it 👌 😀!!!

  10. Hai its me elizabeth can you post our 1v1? pwease? owo

  11. spawn killing lmfao make a vid on how to get such bot lobbies 😂

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