The Coldest 108 Killstreak EVER! | Shell Shockers! *BADASS* + Trickshots -

The Coldest 108 Killstreak EVER! | Shell Shockers! *BADASS* + Trickshots

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Clarx – Zig Zag
Anikdote – Turn It Up
Ship Wrek, Zookeepers & Trauzers – Vessel
LFZ – Popsicle
Jim Yosef – Eclipse


  1. so cool you are so goodpro vs noob vs hakar vs hazmatt pro you are so coolicant bilive

  2. You always inspire me to be a better shell shocker, my highest streak is currently 67

  3. um… actually… good content! NICE man! you rlly showed that lobby who's bossalso baybee hella simpin for king but u overthrew him!

  4. Love how there's a guy claiming he got 152 XD

  5. Lol you humbled him real quick. I like how you just saw someone get a 82 and set a challenge to get higher than that and got it first try. good job

  6. King had no idea what a pro was 🤣. Great demonstration!

  7. I finally realized why I can’t get a high kill streak. It’s because I have lag out the wazoo! I always have at least 200 ping with 30 fps!

  8. I'm over here talking to myself saying "hey, don't make him blush now, he needs to focus up"

  9. can you make 100 killstreak on ffa for once in your life?

  10. wsg buster bn? what do u use to record and btw nice ks

  11. Buster and me have same characteristics when get angry then don't leave anyone. Btw u destroyed him lol.

  12. Im famous baybee here congrats on 350 subs 🙂

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