The Best Settings for Shell Shockers | My Setting Tour -

The Best Settings for Shell Shockers | My Setting Tour

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Shoutout to bb8hu for making the thumbnail, you should check out his channel. He is super nice and an extremely skilled editor 😀


  1. Let me know what how much better you became after trying out those settings 😉

  2. Wait 10 mouse speed? Wowwww thats impressive 👏 love the vid

  3. 10 mouse speed? I tried it, took me a minute to turn around fully smh

  4. Nice vid! Those movement settings are very unusual but at the same time unique!

  5. i actually have "+" as my fire button. idk what you're on abt with "u" 😂

  6. are you a track pad player? or do you have 3 arms

  7. Damn 10 mouse speed that's such a troll mines is 45

  8. Great but how do you play with a inverted mouse it’s soooo difficult

  9. How do you play with these settings its quite unusual but as long as you can play like you do

  10. Guys her mouse speed is 10 but have you thought about her DPI?

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