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Around 2 months ago, Bliz8 hit me up asking if me and him could participate in Agent Adam’s “Double Trouble Tournament” to make up for him ending my win streak in Ewa Event 5. I agreed and over 60 Teams signed up, with some of the most iconic and best players attending. Although me and Bliz aren’t the most skillful in the world, we were definitely the most intelligent and determined, and well… here is how we became the BEST DUO IN SHELL SHOCKERS!


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0:00 Intro
3:12 Round 1
6:27 Round 2
8:38 Round 3
11:00 Results
11:25 Outro/Giveaway

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  1. Good job man, you still bloomed all the map 😂

  2. “ An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan “ -Nova 2022 LOL 😂


  3. ur like the god of shell shockers! rlly look up to u mate!:) {KCO}Zhou Yuchen#8045

  4. I really loved this new video
    Nice job hitting all those bloom shots btw
    Mega Gyarados#8879

  5. Bub seems to always blame it on the blanks when he loses 🤪 snook.#6673

  6. I successfully watched the whole vid even though it was 13 minutes long. Amazing content Nova! Quote of the year, "Its fine, an idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan." Nova 2022

  7. Let's goooo nova p90 buck rogers 🤯🤯

  8. i thought yegg and hayz would win that at first lmao.Bliz carried so hard and u did well 💪ㄐㄈㄒ#5249

  9. I love ur gameplay you are very strong 🙂
    I participate for items drop

  10. OMG finally nova's new video is here🔥🔥🔥

  11. why not sub? im been subbed for long time anyway made it to the end. DarkTruth#0107

  12. ggs gotta admit your blooms are outstandingly lucky

  13. Nice gameplay you NOVA
    İ also met you in a game
    Big fan pls shotout 🥰🥰🥰

  14. made it to the end 😛 i think i should win 100% (and you know my discord)

  15. Can I play Shellshockers with you in King of the Coop or teams?

  16. YOO you got the 2019 cs?

    Also i'm NinjaEater#0001.

    I loved the video a lot! Its tough to get me to watch a 10+m minute video, congrats you made me watch it all.

  17. KdPronite #0321 love the giveaways u do for the community and I love ur videos they are rlly fun to watch. U definitely deserved the buck p90

  18. The beautiful cheesy smell of my foot as it touches my lips… the heel is hard and crusty. I bite into it and hear a luxurious crunch sound. My tongue savours the extravagant taste of my foot, my taste buds are dancing… next is the toes. I give them a small nibble. It is better than anything I have ever tasted, a true delicacy. The nails are crunchy but the toes themselves are soft. Such a lavish contrast. I can’t resist, I have to eat the other foot. Within seconds I have devoured it. What an extraordinary meal. Thankyou Nova for showing me this rare and exquisite food, I shall offer it at my restaurant and it shall sell for millions.

    Bub’s foot, toes cost extra.

  19. i finished the video but don’t have discord

  20. From the 2019 Hyper-Rare SMEGG to the Mythically Rare Buckroger SMEGG

    You've come a long way man, keep up the awesome work

  21. i didnt really know shellshockers youtube is a thing, but this vid is amazing!

  22. soy and dark did rly gud. but just wasnt enough for Nova.

  23. Ladies and gentlemen, Nova got em.

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