The Best 5 Stack In AP Destroys ShellRanked Players -

The Best 5 Stack In AP Destroys ShellRanked Players

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Discord – Fatexyz#3158
Valorant – REV Skeri#Him

Thumbnail – Me – Egg Render From BWD
Nitin –
Vube –
Lucipoo –
Mizzy –
ShellShockers Ranked Server –

Daily Scrims/Kotc Etc.
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  1. The Audio got cancelled out due to copyright (skip to 1:54 for the song to play again)

  2. nitin jus owning them in chat frl

    nice game sir fatellion

  3. Im pretty sure the other team had 2 rpgs 😂

  4. was that perm abusing? how could u get that good players in 1 team prob sub out 1 and put the noob on other team

  5. Take a look at 1:46 … Is that venter voz hacking with aimbot? (He snapped on)

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