THE BATTLE OF THE SNIPERS! Crackshot VS Free Ranger - Which Is Better? | Shell Shockers -

THE BATTLE OF THE SNIPERS! Crackshot VS Free Ranger – Which Is Better? | Shell Shockers

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Btw free ranger 10ks first try but crackshot 8th try :skull:
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VHS Dreams

00:00 – hello 😀
00:10 – Free Ranger Features
00:15 – Crackshot Features
00:20 – Free Ranger Aim/Reload
00:50 – Crackshot Aim/Reload
01:10 – Free Ranger 10KS
02:08 – Crackshot 10KS

The Game:
Developer: Blue Wizard Digital
Their Discord:

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  1. CS for life (free ranger for spamming noobs)

  2. I like both.on shorter maos i use free ranger on longer maps i use crackshot

  3. First! Also, only a minute in, but already super informative!

  4. Crackshot all the way! Nice video, if you do this again maybe you could test max damage using shields? Just a thought. 😊

  5. naaah definitly fre ranger! faster relode

  6. This is alot helpful omega!
    Thanks for the tips 😀

  7. i got 42 ks with free ranger today :O
    this gun is amazing!

  8. I love the cs… but the free ranger is easier for me in pub lobbies because its quick to zoom and has 15 ammo per reload

  9. You've been grinding, proud of you man 👍🏽

  10. The thing is,
    Free Ranger requires no skill. A cs could beat a semi anyday of the week just the cs user must know good movement and just wait till the semi user runs out of ammo and cs wins easly.

  11. I have an idea for you. Omega play with a controller

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