THE AUG SLAPS!!! *First Impressions* | Shell Shockers -

THE AUG SLAPS!!! *First Impressions* | Shell Shockers

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  1. imagine if hazmatt likes this comment tho lol

  2. 1v1 me! (Your probably gonna kill me like 1000000000 times)

  3. You should have so many more subscribers. You are so underrated!

  4. 36 kill streak right away i only got a 11 killstreak the 1st time i used the aug

  5. good bro i play with in shell shockers my name rooster killer

  6. OOF you used the weapon 2 weeks after it was released

  7. They should a second pistol called the 357 meggnum

  8. Is it fun to keep your ping around 20 🙁 mine doesn't go below 150 and I'm sitting right by the iternet router

  9. Rpegg is pretty good gun. You just dont know how the gun works..

  10. Hazmaat take a bomb make it full up in sky and release it it will come where you throw it you can use it while running from a player and he will not no the bomb with directly exlode on him


  12. Hey Hazmatt can you tell me how to get the Ablino crackshot PLZ!!! :)=D

  13. Hazmatt I wanna 1v1 you on November 20 if you see this message make a live video at 1:00 in the afternoon.

  14. don't say rpegg is bad, rpegg is kinda easy in a big map and works close range to a low life guy

  15. WTF the VIP guy had skull bundanaaaaaa!

  16. When u said about getting shell shocker'd i was like ooooh remember the good old days of no lag comp…

  17. from where u get the buck weapons

  18. bro please answer my question how did you get so high fps

  19. You are a pro at these I wish I can meet you in shell shockers

  20. Your good with the weapon I suck😢😢

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