The *ALBINO AUG* is OP! 47 Killstreak with Commentary | Shell Shockers -

The *ALBINO AUG* is OP! 47 Killstreak with Commentary | Shell Shockers

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  1. Just got 6 kill streak from this gun I’m so happy

  2. Only player with albino aug and albino nade, we all know this man deserves it

  3. who else feels like they are a god with the aug after this video

  4. :Graysocean you can't run out of ammo when ur on a high streak :me Noted thx gray

  5. its not the aug, its you!
    nice edits i like off stream gray 🙂

  6. I got a 56 streak with it in first try 😀 AUG is a shotgun 2.0, u just gotta be accurate

  7. I did 101 kills in a jsjsjs game, then they killed me horrible

  8. [𝕋𝔹𝔼] ☯𝘿𝙚𝙡𝙩𝙖 𝙔𝙏☯ says:

    Hey greysoocean we met in sky srather and overcooked

  9. I rly enjoy watching ur videos Gray. Plz post more!!!!!!

  10. that too the curls of the albino match with santa's beard

  11. como puedo participar en el sorteo

  12. what is your discord's grop of blue wizard digital?

  13. what is ur highest streak ever with the cracshot?

  14. Please Grayocean i want to play with you and Hazmatt

  15. can you give youre emoji

  16. I'm sorry gray but the gun skin does not make the gun better…

  17. hey gray, can u teace me how did u get the twitch logo

  18. XD The fact I'm better than Kilzomatic… 😐 makes me realize how a 1v1 me vs gray ocean would be? I was in a server with him. he only got 1 kill on me and i ended both of his high streaks on both servers XD should i become a shellshockers youtuber/twitch streamer?

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