The 2019 Crackshot | Shell Shockers -

The 2019 Crackshot | Shell Shockers

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  1. My day instantly gets better when gray posts on youtube. Wild_Moose_86#1583

  2. Thanks Bro this was my dream skin to get i hope i win i have done everythiny you have said. My discord is: Kaileb-kun♤♡◇♧#1820

  3. wow graysocean 2019 crackshot mu dream u are giving it thank you dude RPAO#8520

  4. Super clean vid gray! (I thought I commented a few days ago but can't find the comment) Infinite Smasher#4281

  5. grays ocean is a legend. Love his vids because they are always positive!
    Senpai A10 #5039

  6. Your career on YouTube and Twitch is popping off bro! Good job!

  7. that was a really good 360 no scope and i have only done stuff like that once LouisT#5217

  8. I cannot belive the giveaway isnt the best thing about this video…. POG Inspiration#1564

  9. hey your video is awesome, and my discord is 小鼴鼠#7680 , I think I will be the giveaway winner, thx

  10. Just got back from camp and this was the first video YouTube decided to show me, can say I was not disappointed.

  11. Awesome video! Probably one of the best content creators in the shellshockers community 🙂 Blank#5000

  12. bro you know which gun will
    come in new update

  13. The 2019 crackshot is super smooth and trickshots are insane. Hope u get more subs!

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