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Teaching My DAD How to Play SHELL | Shell Shockers

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Thank you King Hayden for helping my dad learn:

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  1. Def the most wholesome Shell video I've watched in a very long time <3

  2. dev & brett told me your dad was on stream and I missed out on it, but thanks 🙂

  3. reminds of of some old twitch streamer.. graysocean :((((

  4. I was laughing 90% of the video. Your dad is too funny. You should do this again

  5. LOL! This video is so wholesome to watch. I smiled 100% of the video 😊. I’m glad I could help as well! It’s an honor to teach your dad.

  6. your dad looks so nice😃such a wholesome video ❤5:11 "you gotta look up, NO not in real life" 😆had me dying

  7. Excellent! Smile on my face entire time! Good Fun!

  8. inyobest getting called out by kj's dad. awesome video kj

  9. I watched the entire thing and actually enjoyed this original content! Your dad definitely enjoyed playing Shell Shockers 😂

  10. lol After your dad killed hayden he insulted him and laughed at him I could just tell he would later become a pro, getting a 10 kill streak in a lobby with 3 streamers wow thats insane!

  11. We need a dad like this in the Shell Shockers community! Glad to be part of this video!

  12. Haha bro! Thats so funny! Im watching it a lot of times!

  13. ngl if gray comes back, we need a 1v1 with your dad vs grays mom

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