Summer Update & Killstreak! | Shell Shockers -

Summer Update & Killstreak! | Shell Shockers

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insane update
yeet finally back xd
fusion melee yay
when fusion cs :C
(600 ByJuly??)
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Game Info:
Game: Shell Shockers (
BlueWizardDigital (Game Maker) Discord Server:

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Tags (i need subs)
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  1. Dang fire update!! Hope I get a chance to spend my 20k eggs😢 Nice killstreak and hope u have a great day!!!!

  2. usually with me i always what for u to make another video and when u do you never disappoint good job 😀
    also when i saw the new update i was like time to check Youtube for Omegaplex's video i didn't see one and i was like oh :/ 😂

  3. uhh…. I have 50k eggs now & I am saving up for snake crackshot ( made a bet with my friend that I have to get it before august) …. So I can't spend it 🙁

  4. Imagine killing an innocent egg (your 15th kill) who wanted to team with u but killed them…..-_-

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