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Spraying & Praying! | Shell Shockers

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  1. sͥᴇʙᴀͣsͫ 水ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ says:

    love the vids get it up hazmat

  2. Yo hazmatt I kept getting in your game yesterday and I did not know you

  3. I hope the replace the aug with an ar or something

  4. @Hazmatt please remeber us small people when your channel becomes big

  5. Dude anna was hacking lmao you can see her traking you for the whole lobby.

  6. You should do a handcam also love the vids

  7. At first hazmatt, uh so hard.
    Me: Constantly getting 20 kill streaks with p90

  8. love ur videos also i wanna give u a tip to check ur ammo (its kinda anoying)

  9. "Looks like a good amount of my girls at school,pretty hot" LmaO great simile there made me laugh

  10. For a sec I though the commentary was going to be actual Praying.

    Edit: I played with SupaducX hes pretty skilled with the Sniper.

  11. Nice video. I like it when you do videos and your also commentating over it, its very funny that way lol.

  12. Hazmatt there has been more hackers in shellshockers lately and ive seen a lot of them but that guy in the pink suit that killed you probably had lag that is why he was moving funky.

  13. oh anna was aimboting btw just look at her tracking closely and youll see nice vid haz

  14. They should add superhero capes as a hat on shell

  15. hey haz im knowing u r at a us server while im on sgp but i really wanna 1v1 u

  16. how you get 2019 p 90 if the p 90 came out after the 2019 skins i played then but i never knew you could get the 2019 skin for p90

  17. Where did u get that mouth from? IT LOOKS FIRE AF!!!! Also ur very good at the game! Keep up the good work!

  18. Should know that i do it hazmatt why i saw your name is hazmatts teacher is he playing with me well hazmatt

  19. wow wow hazamatt omg tigress & lioness remember me

  20. When the p90 got nerfed down from 50 ammo per clip to 40, I think it helped me because I do a better job managing my ammo

  21. In the thumbnail you use the buck p90 but I’m sure you don’t even have it

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