SPATULA OF LEGENDS - Shell Shockers -


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Join me as I try out some of the maps on the
new Captula the Spatula mode in Shell Shockers,
and and see how high of a team streak I can get.

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  1. Hey it's Alex and Lilly keep up the good work

  2. hi moon in game i'm called groundhogboi and I have a decent streak I only have played since the groundhog stuff was released i think you are really good to and I subbed

  3. Can I 1v1 u my highest kills is 24 in my all kills is 961,466

  4. I was playing this game mode yesterday with my friend and it was alot of fun

  5. Im really good at this game and enjoy it alot and im considering starting a youtube channel but im scared that no one will support me. if any of you guys would be willing to follow, watch, or even support me if i was to start this channel could yall like this comment or reply to it. if i do start this channel it will be called XDS_PARODIAN. Thanks to all for at least reading my comment if you did.
    @manny.tha.savage <INSTAGRAM @emmanueldf <snapchat Please let me know if i should start this channel i really want to but i would like to know if anyone would be interested in watching.

  6. I like how the ShellShocker vids have the most views when the others have like 10.

  7. whats the point of this game mode its not even fun

  8. you have over 20k kills and u still havent played on all the map

  9. what is ur layout, like do u use shift to aim. Dude quickscope please

  10. us central is rly laggy atm and is rubber banding like crazy

  11. i stream this game on twitch my twitch name is shellcracker

  12. my highest spatula kill streak my personal one m kills only is 43 1v1 me no disrespect but I would whoop yo ass NGL

  13. some advice when u snipe u shouldn't let the crosshair fully close before u do it and when u do shoot jump to the side as fast as u can

  14. I think I made a cameo. my name is ussually egger. Yay…?

  15. aim more and you will get more kills. And use the weapon the way its ment to be used

  16. Man, time flies. Just nine months ago, Spatula was brand new and exciting. Now, there are multiple leagues for the mode.

  17. Me gusta el juego no se por que lo eliminaron los skins anteriores los quería comprarlos😭😭😭

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