Solo - Shell Shockers Montage -

Solo – Shell Shockers Montage

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Another awesome montage. Thank you guys for the support lets get to 100 subscribers! We also added a few of the old clips from our other montage so uh yea :D. Thanks a lot for editing the video Slue make sure to subscribe to him! Giveaway next video?!!?!??!

Slue’s YT:

Have A Great day everyone!

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  1. Fans is still here to watch og video 🤙😋😁

  2. WOW who did the editing this is fire and the thumbnail

  3. bruh when you said it was gonna compete with mine i thought u were srs '_'

  4. We should 1b1 sometime for fun here is my discord if you are interested Panther#4067

  5. this is insane but no1 beats frasier and no neck nez 🙂

  6. yo you montage sick dude sick video and good shot

  7. lmafo this is the only place I can talk is discord down?


  9. the music perfect very nasty montage its great keep up the great content

  10. Nice Montage! I loved your skins! I hope you reach 1k!

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