So I 1v1'd Nova...+ Voice Call | Shell Shockers -

So I 1v1’d Nova…+ Voice Call | Shell Shockers

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Big thanks to Nova for the 1v1!
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  1. The thumbnail looks like slimy's thumbnail ._.

  2. Can we talk about how Nova 10-2ed Viking before recording?!

  3. There may or may not be a rare giveaway in the description!

  4. GGS! Lmao man had to put 4 Volume Warnings cuz of me… Amazing vid tho

  5. GG from Nova and Viking, Viking tried his best couldn't win and congratulations for Nova for hitting 1k subs on YT

  6. i 1v1 nova and i think the highest i ever got was a 4 not sure

    he prob remembers

  7. rip to all the headphone users listening to this video

  8. Nova is unbeatable so far in yt just wait i 1v1 him >:D

  9. great video! Bloopers were so good

  10. oh whaaaaaat???, u got burned by nova dude

  11. nice guns i wish that if i had the buck rogers gun so that i can get nice killstreak with it and my brother likes the buck rogers gun so much and i am subscribed and liked to your channel

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