SNAKE CANNON - Shell Shockers -

SNAKE CANNON – Shell Shockers

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Look at that thing, the snake is inside the
bazooka, and you shove eggs in its mouth
to fire, which I’m sure it appreciates.

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  1. Are u gonna do a giveaway of these? Pls do some!

  2. So moon if i am correct you will get the whipper for next vid but then the pistol for last? I'm just making sure and nice streak

  3. Yo Moon there's a red and white snake cannon Blue Wizard Digital is giving away on their Discord server.

  4. I think you are the only one who can have such high kill streak with the RPEEG

  5. life is so much better when watching you

  6. Don't you think that there are a few players because the game is dying?

  7. Bro you have no lag what so ever. What's your secret?

  8. Nice kill streak with the RPG moon. What server do you play in?

  9. okey, lets be honest play with the bazooka its like play with E

  10. breh i cant even get a 10 kill streak without RPEGG

  11. my max with it is like 33 or 36, i cant remember

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