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Matt Large- Value Every Moment
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  1. nice! what is that theme?can you give me the site?

  2. I wish I had 20 ping, and 144 FPS in my lobby’s. Great vid, and I have ur theme it’s 🔥🔥🔥

  3. why ur eggs is 43996
    how do u do it?

  4. you are the most pro player i have seen

  5. Can I have the link to your theme? It looks so cool!

  6. garbage compared to others who DIDNT copy this video idea like peeks smooth crackshot gameplay…wayyyy better

  7. Bro how do you turn on Motion blur in shell shockers

  8. Rip myself who plays on laptop😭

  9. This is why i can't competed with an insane render learner 😞

  10. Omgomg, also watch The whole video guys there is a hidden Buck hat code

  11. The theme doesn't show the kill streak 😡 smooth video

  12. It's like he has a filter to make it smooth o-o

  13. Your such a nub without those hax, get a life. 😂🔥

  14. This video looks more smoother than your other video's. new pc??

  15. hey can you explain what the thing at the bottom means when it changes from a circle to a badge-type thing? what does the badge mean

  16. Imagine being such a noob, can’t be me 😉🔥

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