Shoguns Dominance ⚔️ ! | Shell Shockers -

Shoguns Dominance ⚔️ ! | Shell Shockers

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Game: Shell Shocker Made By BlueWizardDigital
Shell Shocker – BlueWizardDigital Game
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  1. 6:24 I remember when that big rock used to just be there in that map :0

  2. i saw ur comment on Haz recent post, great vid man!

  3. what do u use recorder in shotgun parts so smooth

  4. Do you guys want a owl hat? I am gonna do a owl hat giveaway when I hit 675 subs! Also get this video to 5k views and 100 likes! Share my content and comment your fav part!

  5. favourite part when pablo was singing despacito

  6. Lol sometimes my pc do that as well the ping go low and the fps and do u use Xbox game bar?

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