Shinder Encounters | Shell Shockers -

Shinder Encounters | Shell Shockers

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  1. No way you have a youtube channel…. Im ppbootymeat… i was shitting on u not too long ago

  2. ares is the worst gun on valorant too..

    before the buff obv

  3. The only reason he popular is because of
    That 126 kill streak cause his channel suck

  4. How’d you get the buck Rodgers skin?

  5. hhhh i got into a game with my favorite streamer no way ur name was snickers no way i seen u at the map where u aimed 20 times in the blink of an eye i forgot what it called

  6. 0:40 so when I hit someone they take no damage but when I miss someone they die that happen to anyone else?

  7. 1:50 I kind of felt bad for how clueless this guy was lmao 😂

  8. wait i didnt think i was playing with the real hazmatt..
    that was an experience

  9. The fact haz acts like his trick shots are nothin

  10. Btw my name is a dubit idiet if you see me

  11. next kill streak video try using GHOST (2WEI) Marvin Brook

  12. brother because you have not uploaded content of shell shockers

  13. hii i was playing with u my user was a pro -_-

  14. and your not a pro your a king to me

  15. Hi hazmatt! can you please tell me how you got that crackshot?

  16. Is somebody better than you???? HECK NO!!!!!!!! THIS GUY IS 99999999999999999999% WORSE THAN YOU!!!! HE SUCKS, I COULD BEAT HIM!!!!

  17. If anyone is wondering how he got the grey crackshot, answer is magic.

  18. The middle egg in the thumbnail is that one girl in everyones class. XD

  19. what do you use to record and edit its like the best

  20. This video is so good and I love it do more of these plzzz

  21. Como tienes esa arma cuando cambias por el franco

  22. Hazmatt you will find me as sweet poison in shell shockers

  23. Glitch none can kill Hazzmat only himself

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